Champagne Gifts

Nothing says celebration quite like a Champagne gift. To add a sense of ‘oh-la-la’ to any occasion, you can never go wrong with this specialist French wine and lots and lots of bubbles.
Here you’ll find all the world’s leading champagne brands including Lanson, Moët & Chandon and Bollinger, all accompanied by a beautifully designed bottle, premium gift box or suit.
When looking for something extra special, why not buy a Champagne gift with its own glasses? These aren’t just any glasses, they’re specially designed to bring out the optimal flavour of the champagne through their curved shape. Who even knew a glass could do that?
Perfect for curbing even the fanciest of taste buds, choose between a fresh rosé, a bubbly brut or sweet cuvee to toast those milestone birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or even Christmas celebrations for years to come.