Glasses & Party Cups

Let’s face it – deciding whether to go for party cups or glasses will totally dictate the tone of your party. A good old red cup filled with mystery punch will certainly evoke fun memories and keep the affair low-key, but it’s good to have a few glass flutes stashed in the back just in case – imagine the horror of finally getting a bottle of Krug as a gift and having nothing but paper cups to serve it in! Here at The Bottle Club we believe that choice is inspiring, so we’ve prepared as wide a variety of drinking vessels as we could.

As household essentials, Victoria and Albert Cole glasses are perfect – sleek, beautiful, and easy to store. The festive Mikasa Flutes and Vonshef Copper Wine Glasses are great for small gatherings, like canape gatherings, gallery opening, and book clubs. And when it’s time to really let your hair down, order a few Barcraft Pineapple Drinks with Straws, or stock up on the good old Red Cups. Our online range is yours to browse, and shop to your heart’s content.