AU Vodka

In recent years, Au Vodka has become the milk and honey of premium vodka. Everything about this brand is simply unforgettable, from their shiny, showstopping gold bottles in a slimline shape, to their innovative stamp on vodka production. Even their name pulls inspiration from the periodic table where gold is the atomic symbol Au and the atomic number is 79. Proudly British, Au Vodka uses its heritage and fuses it with luxury ingredients to create an exceptional range of what they call ‘ultra- premium’ vodka. Perfect for on the rocks or as part of a martini, the award-winning Au Vodka sticks true to a smooth signature taste through lots of different flavours (and colours!). From vibrant Au Vodka Blue Raspberry, through to the juicy Black Grape vodka, you’ll be sure that whichever tickles your taste buds will be the centre of any party.