Louis Roederer

The Louis Roederer Champagne house is one of the last great independent and family-run Champagne houses. Its founder, the mighty aesthete and entrepreneur Louis Roederer, took a different approach to enriching his vines when he started production in 1833, mastering every part of the wine creation process. This is how he forged his wine’s unique character, and brought a modern winemaking approach to several Champagne grand cru vineyards. Every generation strived to improve the wine even more, and the house is today managed by the seventh generation of Roederer’s descendants – and going stronger than ever.

When you think of Louis Roederer, most of us will think of their flagship bottling – Cristal. Created in 1876 for Alexander II, the tzar of Russia, Cristal has been sung and rapped about for decades. Our Louis Roederer range features several of their greatest hits, from the Cristal 2012 Vintage Champagne to the nearly priceless Cristal Brut 1999 Jeroboam. Shop for prestige in our online shop, effortlessly.