Indian Beer

There’s no denying it; Indian food with a crisp, smooth, ice-cold beer is a marriage made in Heaven. If you’ve ever been to a good curry house on Friday night, or even better travelled to India itself, you’ll know that lager really, really hits the spot. Refreshing bubbles cut through rich curry sauces, clean malt flavours take the edge off intense chilli heat, and subtle hop bitterness compliments aromatic seasonings, bringing the best out of the exotic, multilayered flavours that make Indian food the most popular imported cuisine the U.K has ever known. Not to mention the thirst quenching hit that you always get from a frosty lager - the perfect accompaniment to a delightfully salty, indulgent Jalfrezi, Tandoori, Tikka or Madras.

Kingfisher and Cobra are two absolute giants of the Indian beer world, and you’ll find them both well represented here in our online shop. Choose from great value multipacks or convenient single bottles when you buy online today.

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