Martell is the oldest of the great Cognac houses, one built on passion and excellence. Its Founder, Jean Martell, didn’t land in the cognac business by accident. He travelled to France from the Island of Jersey to learn all there was to know about cognac in 1715. Jean then searched the region for extraordinary eaux-de-vie before starting production. After his death the business was taken over by his wife Rachel, who famously vowed to protect Jean's vision.

The rest is history: Martell cognac made its way to the States soon after they were founded. They even managed to sneak into England during the continental blockade in the early nineteenth century. Such is the power of exceptional cognac.

Want to try it for yourself? The Bottle Club has a fantastic collection of Martell to buy online, from sampling miniatures to the extraordinary Martell XO. Some experts recommend that you drink it neat, while others claim that adding a drop of water will reveal more fruity, floral and spicy aromas – and a smoother drinking experience.

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