Limited Edition Apple Pie Gin, 70 cl

Limited Edition Apple Pie Gin, 70 cl

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Ok, let's talk about apple pie. Two tiny words with BIG character! For example, the mere mention of this classic dessert has you picturing a fresh, golden crusted bake right out of the oven cooling on the countertop ready for you to take a slice, right? Us too!So what did we do about it you ask? What any other self-respecting, gin-loving team would do, work day and night until we captured that exact feeling in a bottle and we nailed it!Complete with notes of sweet apples, buttery pastry and warming cinnamon Apple Pie Gin is your slice of homemade heaven in a bottle ready for you to enjoy with friends or curled up on the sofa.Try our recommended cocktail recipe: Ingredients 50ml Apple Pie Gin 25 ml Apple juice 4 tbsp Honey Simple Syrup Dash of Cinnamon Ice cubes Garnish A small piece of apple – cut into matchsticks Stick of cinnamon Method Honey Simple Syrup - Mix 2 tablespoons of honey with 2 tablespoons of hot water until combined. For the Cocktail - Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously until chilled. Serve - Pour into a glass filled with 5-6 apple matchsticks and a stick of cinnamon. Read more.

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    As the name says it all, That's The Spirit launched in 2019 with the idea of uplifting occasions with innovative spirits and boozy gifts. This millennial brand gave the world its first ever Pink Gin Calendar in 2019 and went on to produce several festive favourites including a huge range of boozy baubles. Taking innovation to the next level That’s The Spirit has gone onto develop their own line of delicious spirits starting with Apple Pie Gin for Christmas 2020

    Tasting Notes

    Buttery apple and warming cinnamon

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