The story of Krug is the story of how luxury Champagne first came to be. The House was founded in 1843 by a German immigrant to Reims named Johann-Joseph Krug, who took the tradition of Champagne blending to a new level. The wines he produced were extraordinarily complex, rich, and perfect for long-term ageing. This set Krug’s Champagne apart from the rest, and even today, wine buffs who swear by grower champagne will make an exception for Krug.

The Krug Champagne house has been in the family for six generations. It even kept going during the Second World War, when Joseph Krug II was taken prisoner and his wife Jeanne stepped up to manage the estate. Krug’s meticulous approach to blending means that the individual plots they use for the base wine are individually graded every year. If wine from a certain plot isn’t good enough, it simply doesn’t go into the blend. For a typical Krug experience, try the Krug Grand Cuvee Brut Champagne, or level-up your experience and shop online from their Vintage Champagnes.

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