Want to find a bubbly wine brand that knows a thing or two about the stringent winemaking processes of champagne? Then it’s time to give AYALA a try. They’ve been making champagne since the late 1800s, being one of the founding members of Syndicat des Grandes Marques de la Champagne, they’ve spent their time wisely perfecting a pure champagne style. So, once you sip on a glass of this Rosé or Brut Champagne, you’ll be celebrating both your occasion and the history of sparkling wine.
Each bottle of cuvée celebrates the Chardonnay grape, so expect gentle citrus notes, fruit flavours…and lots of bubbles! But don’t just take the brand’s or our word for it, these bottles of fizz come highly recommended by many a wine critic across the world, including the prestigious Wine Spectator who awarded the AYALA Brut Majeur bottle a prestigious 92 points.

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