There was a time when tequila was just a shooting drink, but those days are long gone. Teremana is a testament to that, being a serious small-batch tequila, made traditionally with the highest quality ingredients. The name Teremana is a combination of the words ‘terra’ and ‘mana’, which invokes a respect for the earth and the lengthy processes needed to create the finest quality tequila. What sets Teremana apart from the rest is the fact that they use brick ovens to roast their agave and bring out citrus flavours, as well as locally made copper stills that make the tequila cleaner and smoother.

Here we are, drooling over the method, and we haven’t even mentioned the passionate star power behind the brand. The founder is no other than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson of Hollywood fame, a tequila enthusiast who works with a family-owned distillery in the highlands of Jalisco. This could be your new favourite – buy their Blanco and Reposado here and give them a try.

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