Polish Beer

You’re probably aware that Poland has a very strong beer drinking culture. You may even know a thing or two about Poland being the 3rd largest consumer of beer in the world, just behind Czech Republic and Germany. But did you know that beer has been brewed in Poland for over a thousand years? Neither did we, until just now. These days Polish Beer is best known outside of its own borders for the full flavoured lagers that make it to U.K soils. Brands like Zubr and Leche find themselves more than holding their own next to their international counterparts on grocery store shelves across the nation.

There are also some surviving traditional, lesser-spotted styles like Grodziske - an oak smoked wheat beer - that are still made in small quantities in Poland. The craft beer revolution has taken root there too. But for now at least, Polish lagers continue to dominate, as you’ll see when you browse our online collection, and rightly so.

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