Grey Goose

Are you looking for a new vodka? Grey Goose is the world’s best-selling super premium vodka. It’s made from fine French wheat and filtered slowly through Herkimer diamonds, which are among the rarest and purest forms of quartz available. The result is an ultra-smooth spirit that balances softness with crisp, clean flavours. And it's distilled to be enjoyed on its own or in your favourite cocktail – so whether you like it neat or mixed up, there's a perfect bottle waiting for you at Bottle Club.

You can enjoy Grey Goose chilled as well as over ice – but we recommend enjoying this smooth spirit just how they do in France – neat! We also recommend trying our delicious cocktails recipes if you're looking for something more exciting than simply pouring yourself a glass of vodka on the rocks. Whether you are looking for something refreshing like our signature ‘Grey Goose Citron Pressé’ or want to try something different like our ‘Grey Goose Cosmopolitan Martini’ – there are endless ways to enjoy this delicious drink! So what are you waiting for? Order now online at The Bottle Club today!

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