Metaxa 12 Star Brandy, 70 cl

Metaxa 12 Star Brandy, 70 cl

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The inimitable spirit character of Metaxa is crowned with the gift of Muscat wine. A noble varietal, Muscat has been yielding wines of the highest aromatic concentration since Antiquity. The finest Muscats are chosen by the Metaxa Master to blend with his aged distillates, thus creating the signature smoothness of Metaxa. Read more.


    In 1888 Spyros Metaxa, by blending only the finest matured wine distillates with the selected sun soaked grapes of Attica, created this distintive spirit giving it a unique smooth and mellow taste, neat, or on the rocks. The exact formula has remained a closely garded secret ever since.

    Tasting Notes

    Elegant and fulfilling. Dry fruits, orange peel and hint of spices.

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