Red Stripe Premium Lager Multipack, 24 x 440 ml

Red Stripe Premium Lager Multipack, 24 x 440 ml

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Red Stripe promises a mild and soft taste and a thick, foamy head. Best serve chilled. Read more.

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    In the year 1883, Carlsberg Discovered the world's first purified yeast for brewing - making it possible to create great beer, every time. A truly ground-breaking discovery Hops - Fragrant yet with a pleasing bitterness, hops are nature's gift to brewers. Ours are blended using a closely guarded secret recipe which give Carlsberg its special taste and aroma Barley - The malted barley we use in our beer today, specially bred to our exacting standards, is descended from the earliest varieties of the grain, cultivated around 10,000 years ago

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    Probably The Best Beer In The World.

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