Graham's Blend No12 Ruby Port, 75 cl

Graham's Blend No12 Ruby Port, 75 cl

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A light and fresh Port made specifically for mixing. We love the presentation too! Read more.


    Back in 1890 Grahams were one of the first Port Houses to purchase vineyards thus ensuring that they could manage harvesting and grape quality themselves. This attention to detail and commitment to quality continues through to today. That the house exists at all is more down to providence than strategy though. Brothers John and William Graham had in fact been trading in textiles since 1820. It was only when a customer had to settle a debt with barrels of port rather than cash that their heads were turned. Today the business is owned by another family, the Symingtons, whose quest for quality and attention to detail are no less than the brothers' all that time ago.

    Tasting Notes

    Not only is this a welcome change to how Port is presented but Graham's Blend No 12 seeks to change how Port is consumed as it has been made specifically for mixing. The Port itself is light, fresh and aromatic making it both a pleasant surprise to those more used to Port and very approachable for those new to Port. 

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