Bottega Gold Prosecco
Bottega Gold Prosecco

Bottega Gold Prosecco

Presented in its distinctive bottle, Bottega Gold is a light, refreshing Prosecco. Fruit driven and exceptionally easy on the palate.

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  • Brand Bottega
  • Product Description

    Bottega's prosecco has hit the ground running over the last few years- the result partly because of its eye catching pressentation and partly due to the increasing interest in Prosecco in the UK. Whilst Prosecco is what it has become famous for, the Bottega Group started life in 1977 being renowned for the production of Grappa. It has taken much experimentation and a couple of generational changes (the estate is still run by the same family) to get Bottega to where they are today.

    Tasting Notes

    Eye catching and exceptionally easy

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