• Country Scotland
  • Region Highland
  • Size 70CL
  • ABV 40%
  • Closure Cork

Glenmorangie Whisky - Craftman's Cup, 70 cl

Glenmorangie Whisky - Craftman's Cup, 70 cl

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Stylishly presented Gift Set with 2 glasses. Glenmorangie. Delicate, sophisticated and clean. The palate is a gentle swirl of citrus and vanilla flavours. An ideal whisky for those new to the spirit or the more experienced. Read more.

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    Glenmorangie uses some of the tallest stills in Scotland meaning that the ethers during distillation are incredibly light. This translates directly to the taste- light, fruity and incredibly accessible. The house is also based in Tain which has its own little micro climate meaning that it is relatively mild weather. Add into the mix that they own and use their own water springs and you have a delectably consistent whisky on your hands.

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