Glenmorangie Allta, Private Edition Release, 70 cl

Glenmorangie Allta, Private Edition Release, 70 cl

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Glenmorangie Allta marks the 10th anniversary of Glenmorangie’s Private Edition series which has seen a limited-edition single malt whisky released every year since 2009.

Glenmorangie Allta (Scots Gaelic for ‘wild’) is the Distillery’s first single malt to be created with yeast discovered growing wild on its own barley.

A crisp citrus ‘bite’ to the mouthfeel. Butter candy, creamy vanilla, orange syrup with yeasty background. Gentle mint, the tiniest hint of sweet chilli and delicate floral notes

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    Glenmorangie uses some of the tallest stills in Scotland meaning that the ethers during distillation are incredibly light. This translates directly to the taste- light, fruity and incredibly accessible. The house is also based in Tain which has its own little micro climate meaning that it is relatively mild weather. Add into the mix that they own and use their own water springs and you have a delectably consistent whisky on your hands.

    Tasting Notes

    Hints of bitter sweet orange and peppermint.

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