Fruit Beer

Fancy a little extra zing in your IPA? Another layer of fruity flavour in your lager? Well then look no further. The Bottle Club has gathered together a mighty fine selection of Fruit Beers for you to buy online today. You’ll find an innovative range of fruit infused lagers from Red Stripe, as well as citrus-boosted pale ales from craft beer titans like BrewDog and Tiny Rebel.

Fruit Beers as we know them were invented in Belgium in the 1930s, and it’s no surprise that the modern craft beer boom has taken to finding new and innovative ways to include fruit in their tongue-tingling ales and lagers. The archaeological history books even show evidence of fermented beverages that contained both fruit and grain a staggering 9,000 years ago! So when you buy a Fruit Beer today, you’re buying a slice of the old, mixed with the technology of the new.

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