Budweiser Lager Beer Multipack, 24 x 568 ml

Budweiser Lager Beer Multipack, 24 x 568 ml

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The king of beers in a can for kings, Budweiser is the largest selling beer brand in the world. It undergoes a Beechwood ageing process that gives it a smooth taste possessing a drink-ability like no other beer.p malty notes and a distinct bitterness that generate a full-flavoured beer. Read more.

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    Brewing in Budweis can be traced back 600 odd years to 1265. Ever since brewing began there seems to have been little doubt over its quality. Each generation has found its own style and character that they preferred but the beers' origins and heritage have always been consistent. If that sounds like plain sailing then it most certainly has not been. Brewing rights between Budweis and its neighbouring town of Rudolfov have been hotly contested. It was only a Royal decree that resolved the argument, leaving the inhabitants of Rudolfov ordered to take their beer from Budweis.

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