Tyskie Premium Lager Multipack, 24 x 500 ml

Tyskie Premium Lager Multipack, 24 x 500 ml

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WANT MORE THAN TWO CASES? LET'S CHAT: Êsupport@thebottleclub.comTyskie is based on a historic unchanged recipe consisting of barley malt, hops and crystal-clear Gronie spring water. It delivers a full taste with a pleasant aroma of hops and a balance of sweetness and bitterness. Read more.

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    Tyskie is the number one* Polish beer in both Poland and the UK. Originating from a region with a long brewing tradition dating back to 1629, Tyskie is the first choice beer for all Poles. A symbol of pride in their Polish nationality.

    Tasting Notes

    Light and golden beer

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