O'Hara's Irish Nitro Stout, 4 x 440 ml

O'Hara's Irish Nitro Stout, 4 x 440 ml

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If you are a Stout lover looking for a change from Guinness then this is for you. Read more.

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O'Hara's Irish Nitro Stout, 24 x 440 ml
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    Independent and Family owned O'Hara Brewery (also known as The Carlow Brewing Company) has been making craft beers and stouts since 1996. The quality of their beers is no doubt enhanced by the brewery sitting neatly in the 'Barrow Valley', Ireland's traditional hop and malt growing area. 

    Tasting Notes

    Rich and full bodied this is craft stout at its best. Coffee and light liquorice flavours add depth and flavour.  

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