Vegans Love Booze!

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Vegans Love Booze!

You may have heard the sentiment that vegans can't have fun but nothing could be further from the truth! November is Vegan month and here at The Bottle Club we believe no one should be excluded from the party because of their dietary choices.

The amount of nutritional choices can get overwhelming so just to bring everyone up to speed, Vegan-friendly products are those that contain no animal products.

While alcohol may not immediately come to mind when we think of non-vegan products, there are often non-vegan elements in the process of making alcohol even if the ingredients don't explicitly contain animal products so it can be hard to figure out what is and isn't a vegan tipple.


The usual suspect ingredients that deem some alcohol as non vegan are:

  • isinglass – gelatin made from fish bladders
  • gelatin - made from crushed animal bones
  • egg whites (aka albumin)
  • casein (a milk protein)
  • carmine – colouring made from crushed beetles


While some alcohol products are 'accidentally vegan' a lot of brands are now making the conscious effort to offer vegan options as part of their portfolios, which we think is great.


Check out just a few of our favourite vegan products below... some may surprise you!












We've barely scratched the surface, so for Vegan month as well as basking in the brilliance of our shiny new website we have committed to doing a complete review of our whole range and creating a vegan section so vegan-friendly products are easier to find... Now that's what you call Plant Power!


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