Tia Maria

Tia Maria Coffee liqueur. The words themselves seem to spill over with decadence and the promise of indulgence, draped in dusky mystery. It’s a promise Tia Maria has delivered on since 1940. That’s by no means the beginning of the story though. It’s a long one, so let’s keep it brief. Scene - Spain is deep in the chaos of the colonial wars of the 17th century. Havoc reigns. A young aristocrat flees to the sanctuary of Jamaica, along with her maid. The maid, our hero, and none other than Tia Maria herself, brings with her one cherished possession - a jewellery box. Inside the box are just two things; priceless black pearl earrings and.. Waaaaaiiittt for iiit… the original recipe for Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur. Locked away for aeons, the recipe is finally discovered in 1940 by Dr. Kenneth Leigh Evans, and Tia Maria as we know it is born.

If that’s not legend-enough, Tia Maria was also used in the first ever Espresso Martini. Shop the full Tia Maria range online today.

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