The Botanist Gin Planter Gift Set, 70 cl

The Botanist Gin Planter Gift Set, 70 cl

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Well, what to say? There is so much going on with this outstanding Gin, we could probably go on and on and on. In short, though, the smooth texture of The Botanist might fool you into thinking this is a straight forward Gin. Not at all. On the contrary there is a whole host of flavours that will slowly reveal themselves including citrus, honey, mint, apple and so the list goes on. The best way to drink? Savour it. Read more.

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    Islay is more renowned for incredibly peaty whisky. Here though is a Gin from that small Hebriddean island. It is the result of the masterful blending of some 22 botanicals which have all be foraged from the island. A very slow and gentle distillation also makes sure that these flavours retain as much as their character as possible.

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