The Botanist

When it comes to artisan gins with a sense of place, meaning, and purpose, few can challenge the brilliant reputation of The Botanist. Distilled on the magical Isle of Islay in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides, The Botanist is the passion-project of wine merchant friends Simon Coughlin and Mark Reynier, who acquired the historical Bruichladdich distillery building in 1994, rescuing the site from permanent closure in pursuit of their ambitions. Those ambitions are as noble as they are progressive, manifested here in a range of gins that explore the botanical heritage of the island’s unique flora.

Flavoured with foraged seeds, herbs, peels, barks, and berries from the island itself, The Botanist delivers an authentic sense of place in a way that is impossible to ignore. Each bottle brings the spirit of the wild right to your glass. So buy yourself one today and let your senses transport you to Scotland’s most famous spirit producing islands; irrepressible Islay.