Sierra Spiced Tequila Liqueur, 70 cl

Sierra Spiced Tequila Liqueur, 70 cl

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Sierra Spiced is a limited-edition blend of reposado Tequila with orange and cinnamon flavours. Great as a shot on its own. Read more.

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    Like many (if not almost all) Tequila producers Sierra is based in Jalisco, Mexico. Why? Quite simply this is where the best of the Blue Agave plant can be found. The plant runs right through the heart of a Tequila and their quality are absolutely crucial in deciding on the eventual quality of the Tequila itself. Being delicate and slow to grow, Sierra does not tend to harvest their plants for at least 12 years and even then they are hand harvested and trimmed so that only the very best of the plant is used.

    Tasting Notes

    Orange and cinnamon 

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