Sierra Tequila is a force to be reckoned with. In the massively competitive tequila marketplace, Sierra has found its place as one of the big hitters, and shows no sign of letting up. Their passion for providing incredible value tequilas is evident across the whole range, which spans from the cheeky, fun-loving Silver Tequila, with its fruity, robust, punchy profile, all the way up to the indulgent caramel and stewed apricot flavours present in the Milenario Anejo.

Located on the site of an old hacienda in Jalisco’s capital - Guadalajara - the distillery itself does things in very much the traditional way. Only the first pressing of high quality local agave is used to make the base alcohols, which are then distilled in copper pots, before being painstakingly barrel aged and bottled by hand. Sierra Tequilas are the real deal, so whether you’re after something bold and simple for your margaritas, or a sophisticated sipping tequila, swing on by our online shop and grab the right Sierra for the job.

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