Shanky's Whip Black Irish Liqueur with Glass Gift Pack, 70 cl

Shanky's Whip Black Irish Liqueur with Glass Gift Pack, 70 cl

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Fans of Shanky's Whip Irish whiskey liqueur will be thrilled at the sight of this marvellous gift pack! Including a bottle of the tasty liqueur with its sweet toffee like profile, accompanied by a charming glass, which has a suitably retro design with old school moulded lettering and a rounded lip. Should make a splendid gift! Read more.

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    You work hard, and life moves at light-speed.  Work, kids, money… the world is crazy and chaotic.  Soggy Dollar is an escape from that reality.  When here it is easy to let your mind rest.  Rethinking priorities and making the most of time by losing track of it.  At home, everyday existence is better with a remembrance of a place where decisions are made in the present moment… without weight or consequence.  A clear and calming sense of knowing - connecting with a memory that makes everything okay.  Toes in the sand, a Painkiller in your hand - stay shady... and live the Soggy life!

    Tasting Notes

    Baking spices, creamy vanilla fudge, milk chocolate and buttery caramel.

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