Monin is by far and away the most trusted provider of premium flavoured syrups for the food and beverage industry. Perfect for use in elite cocktails, flavoured coffees, and gourmet desserts too. Whenever you find a flavour challenge in front of you, you can depend on Monin to supply the answer. It really is rare to find a brand that offers such consistently excellent quality across an exhaustive range, and this is exactly where Monin sits head and shoulders above the competition. Great quality is also the reason why Monin has established itself as the option of choice for bartenders, baristas, and pastry chefs around the globe.

Founded in 1912 by George Monin in Bourges, France, to this day Monin stays true to its problem solving, gourmet roots. Whether you’re shopping to stock a cocktail bar, a coffee shop, or a pastry section, you can buy Monin online with confidence. That’s one less ingredient to worry about. Good luck!

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