Pyrat XO Rum, 70 cl

Pyrat XO Rum, 70 cl

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An alluring and beautifully crafted Rum. Spices and supple orange flavours combined to perfection. Read more.

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    Pyrat XO is a masterful blend that perfectly captures the true character of the Caribbean. Under the guidance of the master distiller & blender Francisco Alcaraz, these pot-still rums from across the region are meticulously sourced and aged separately in Limousin and American oak barrels. Before blended to a precise specification, further aging takes place using the solera system and results in a cuvee of rums up to 15 years old. The end creation is a beautifully balanced, elegant and smooth medium-bodied rum.

    Tasting Notes

    Alluring Orange and spice flavours.

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