Plantation XO Rum & Tulip Glass Gift Set, 70 cl

Plantation XO Rum & Tulip Glass Gift Set, 70 cl

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This extraordinary vintage was introduced to mark the 20th anniversary of Maison Ferrand. We offer it here along with 2 branded tulip glasses- a great gift for any Rum fan. Read more.


    Plantation Rum is the brain child of one Alexandre Gabriel whose initial interest in distillation and spirits can be found in Cognac at Maison Ferrand. Having re-established what was a flagging house he was gripped by the bug of making superb, artisanal spirits. Some 10 years later Alexandre felt equally inspired by the Caribbean and its Rum. In creating Plantation Rums he sourced some of the best Rum Barrels to be found and set about becoming an expert in Rum creation. You can feel the dedication in every bottle.

    Tasting Notes

    Delicious Caramel and spice flavours

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