Krug Rosé Edition 25eme Gift Box Champagne, 75 cl

Krug Rosé Edition 25eme Gift Box Champagne, 75 cl

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Exceptional. Delicate in colour with a silky texture to die for. Aged for a minimum of 5 years in Krug's cellars before being released. Tone and spiciness is formed from the skin fermented Pinot Noir grapes. Read more.

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    The beautiful House of Krug stands steadfastly by its founder's legacy. Joseph Krug stated that his Champagnes should only reflect the very best of Champagne some 170 years ago and was keen to use wines of great character rather than being dictated to by the traditions of the time. Olivier Krug and his team continue to use grapes supplied from a mosaic of vineyards- some no more than a corner of a vineyard, character being their measure rather than the traditional Cru system. One note- don't forget to look at the ID number on the back of the bottle and then enter it onto the Krug website. That way you will discover everything you need to know about the Champagne you are drinking and more.

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    Truly exceptional Rose Champagne.

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