Janneau VSOP Armagnac, 70 cl

Janneau VSOP Armagnac, 70 cl

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A soft, elegant nose reminiscent of fruit poached in vanilla syrup. The palate is smooth and rich with an attractive soft spiciness Read more.


    Founded in 1851, Janneau is the oldest of all the great Houses of Armagnac. Jenneau's vast stocks and unparalleled collection of old Armagnacs enables the skillffful blending of several different Armagnacs to create consistent, award winning styles. By regulation, two different methods are allowed to distil Armagnac, the continouous distillaton method called 'Armagnacais' and the Double Distillation method using pot stills. At Janneau, they blend Armagnacs produced by both methods - a characteristic which distinguishes them from all others.

    Tasting Notes

    Smooth, rich and soft spice.

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