Janneau is one of the oldest Armagnac houses going, founded in 1851 by Etienne Janneau. It’s also one of the very few Armagnac houses who own their both their distillery and cellars – this gives them the ability to do all of the distillation, ageing, and bottling under their own roof and in the heart of the Armagnac region. Competition in Armagnac is stiffer than you’d think, but with constant innovation and refinement of their brandy, Janneau remain at the top of their category.
Known as the ‘most awarded Armagnac’ in the world, Janneau have a stock of about ten percent of all the Armagnac in the world, which allows them to create unparalleled blends with more vintages than could possibly fit on a single label. Their flagship blend, the Janneau VSOP, is often lauded for its accessible taste and makes a perfect introduction for an aspiring Armagnac connoisseur. Buy a bottle online here and see just how well the flavours meld together.

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