Hendrick's Gin, 70 cl

Hendrick's Gin, 70 cl

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Whilst there are a number of botanicals at play here, Hendrick's is most renowned for infusing its Gin with Rose and cucumber. Such are the botanicals' subtlety that you are left with an incredibly light and refreshing Gin. Read more.

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    It took some 10 years to create this wonderfully delicate Gin and given the product's recent success it is great to see such patience finally pay off. Indeed it could be argued that its creation took a good deal longer than that. The stills used to make the Gin were bought in 1966 by Charles Gordon (Great Grandson to William Grant) but were left dormant for 33 years whilst it was decided quite what to do with them.

    Tasting Notes

    An incredibly light and refreshing Gin.

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