Glayva Liqueur, 70 cl

Glayva Liqueur, 70 cl

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A true cornucopia of flavours all added to Whisky to create what is most certainly a unique Liqueur. Smooth and sweet with light spice, honeyed and citrus flavours. Delicious drunk straight with ice. Read more.

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    Glayva’s home has been the docks of Leith in Edinburgh since 1947. Ronald Morrison, a local merchant, wanted to create a liqueur that would warm and comfort his loyal customers, particularly during the cold Scottish winters. Being based at a busy port certainly had its advantages by providing easy access to many items such as tangerines, honey and spices, which, when mixed with the Scotch malt whisky, created a surprisingly distinctive and pleasant flavour.

    The name Glayva is reportedly taken from the reaction of the warehouseman, Hector, who was the first to taste the liqueur.   “Gle Mhath”, he proclaimed, translated from Gaelic as “Very Good”.

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    A world of different flavours

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