Dom Pérignon Vintage 2010 Lady Gaga Champagne, 75 cl

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2010 Lady Gaga Champagne, 75 cl

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The latest in Dom Perignon's line of Limited Edition partnership's is stunningly presented. A worthy addition to this series that started with a Dom Perignon and Andy Warhol partnership. Read more.

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    What can you say? Some may be cynical of some of the glamour and glitz that surrounds Dom Perignon. However just about every vintage is awaited with bated breath by the wine industry and accolades for both Blanc and Rose Champagnes are far too numerous to mention. If you are a long standing fan of Dom Perignon have tried the Blanc many times, then we highly recommend tasting some of the older vintages. Elsewhere on the site you can find an example of this in the form of Dom Perignon P2 and P3.

    Tasting Notes

    What you will immediately notice about this 2010 vintage is the sheer scale of the wine. Still delicate in bubble as ever, but this is so much more expressive than normal. Indeed Dom Perignon's own tasting notes use the word 'massive'! Not the easiest year to create a Champagne either so a brave release.

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