Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Rum, 70cl

Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Rum, 70cl

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Original packaging is backed up with the liquid in the bottle as well. Retaining spiced notes of cloves, cumin you’ll also find a hint of chocolate orange (yum!) in there and of course rich and enveloping coffee notes.

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    A UK rather than Caribbean Rum, Dead Man’s Fingers spiritual (no pun intended) home can be found at the Rum & Crab Shack in the touristy town of St Ives. This is where the concept and name began albeit now the distillery is based a few miles up the road in the city of Bristol. If Rum is your thing and you’d like to learn a bit more about it we highly recommend a visit to their bar & distillery.

    Tasting Notes

    Light spice and chocolate orange. What’s not to like?

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