Casamigos Joven Mezcal, 70 cl

Casamigos Joven Mezcal, 70 cl

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Casamigos – famously co-founded by actor George Clooney – returns, expanding its range with this 100% agave, artisanal Mezcal made in Oaxaca, Mexico. Earthy, fruity and full of rich, thick smoke flavour, this deceptively clean, easy-drinking spirit will appeal to fans of peated whisky, Tequila-lovers looking for an adventure or just those in search of big, bold flavours. Incredibly versatile, this Mezcal is beautifully drinkable neat, over ice or as a vibrant, smoky twist in your favourite cocktail. Read more.

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Each box can comfortably fit two regular sized 70 & 75 cl bottles along with a few other goodies! Box Dimensions: 197 × 330mm × 101mm

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    Casamigos is a tequila brand from Mexico, part-owned by George Clooney. They set out with the idea of making tequilas that you don't have to cover up with salt or lime and with their slow process of fermenting their agave for twice as long and roasting 10 times as long we think they've done it

    Tasting Notes

    Through a rush of smoke and aromatic herbs, there are hints of cucumber, exotic fruit and white pepper.

    Mezcal Margarita Recipe (aka Mezcalita)

    There's no surprise that Margaritas are one of the world's favourite cocktail recipes, with all it's various versions and adaptations. If you love smokey flavours, you're gonna love the Mezcal Margarita (aka Mezcalita). If you're reading this and wondering what is mezcal, let us quickly fill you in. Mezcal is a type of alcohol made from the agave plant. Here’s an interesting fact: tequila is mezcal, but not all mezcal is tequila. Tequila is made from only one type of agave plant (blue agave), but mezcal can be made from 11 different varieties of agave. The biggest difference between them is that for mezcal, the agave is cooked in pits in the ground. This is what gives it that signature smoky flavour! All the same rules apply here - you can be as creative as you like with swapping your fruits for quirky and fun flavours (Jalapenos maybe, as so many of you love a spicy marg, so not create your own Spicy Mezcal Margarita?!)

    Read Recipe

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