Fed up with the way tequila was used to shot and instantly masked by lime and salt, long-time pals Rande Gerber, Mike Meldman and George Clooney (not sure if you’ve heard of him) set out to make a tequila with a difference. And this is how Casamigos was born. Designed to be shared with friends, on the rocks, Casmigos literally translates to ‘house of friends’ so it makes sense that their tequila would be the best-tasting, smoothest you’ve ever had.
After joining forces with an experienced Master Distiller in Jalisco, Mexico and hundreds of different recipes, they finally landed on the Casamigo Blanco Tequila, which uses 100% blue agave, grown in nearby Highlands.
After winning many awards and even catching the attention of powerhouse Diaego, the brand has taken the tequila market by storm, branching out into other varieties of premium tequila such as Casamigo Reposado and Anejo Tequila.

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