Tiptree used to be known for their delicious preserves, and the tiny jars that you find them served in alongside clotted cream and scones. This was before they dropped some of the tastiest gins and gin liqueurs on the market and served us the epitome of “I didn’t know I needed that.”

Tiptree has an impeccable track record when it comes to handling and preserving fruit, and they’ve successfully transferred their skills by infusing dry gins with every fruit that grows on English soil, from damson plums to raspberries. The imminent success had them expanding into vodka and rum territory before long – successfully, we might add – and the world of liqueurs hasn’t been the same since. From full bottles to miniature cocktails in jam jars, Tiptree has taken the opportunity to serve us some new classics that will add an infusion of countryside glamour to your afternoon teas and cocktails. Strawberry Gin Liqueur? English Vodka? Browse the Tiptree collection in our online shop.