Ruinart is the oldest Champagne House in existence. Founded in 1729, its creation was inspired by a visionary, yet modest Benedictine monk; Dom Thierry Ruinart. It was Dom Thierry who brought news of the new and exciting “wine with bubbles” back to the Champagne region from his travels to Paris. His nephew, Nicolas Ruinart, saw the potential in sparkling wine and diligently started up the company, the first of its kind in the world. Nicolas acquired the iconic white chalk caves beneath the city of Reims, realising their conditions were ideal for ageing the wines. These epic caves, still in use, have been immortalised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are a must-visit for Champagne lovers.

Complimentary to its storied history, Ruinart Champagnes embody both impeccable balance and a cutting-edge spirit. Their famous rose Champagne, available to buy today from our online shop, was the first of its kind ever to be exported. Ruinart remain at the forefront of sustainable farming techniques in their vineyards, as well as forging new and exciting partnerships with designers and artists who venture to convey the timeless quality of the Champagne itself.

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