Lech Premium Lager Multipack, 24 x 500 ml

Lech Premium Lager Multipack, 24 x 500 ml

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WANT MORE THAN TWO CASES? LET'S CHAT:  support@thebottleclub.comBrewed in Poland; Lech Premium Lager is a heavy malt based lager, with refreshing hops bursting forward on the palate. An understated, straightforward lager. Read more.


    Refreshment captured in a distinctive green bottle - that’s the Lech beer produced at  Lech Browary Wielkopolski. Lech is a brand for outgoing and modern people with positive attitude. Beer for those who like trying out new things. That’s why the Lech family includes not only the refreshing Lech Premium lager, but also beer mixes (Lech Ice Shandy, Lech Ice Mojito), non-alcoholic lagers (Lech Free and Lech Free Limonka z MiÄ™tÄ…) and a locally available pilsner (Lech Pils).

    Tasting Notes

    Crisp, refreshing beer.

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