It’s time to “Let The Funshine”. There’s never a dull moment when you’ve got Malibu, the world’s bestselling Caribbean rum with natural coconut flavour. Hailing from the sun kissed island of Barbados, the only problem might be that it goes down a little too easily. Sweet, tropical, and fresh, nothing brings the sunshine vibes like this iconic flavoured white rum. Its palm tree logo and serene white bottle design are instantly recognisable. They transport us back to a more innocent, carefree time - lord knows, we could all do with a slice of that these days - while the low abv makes for ultra easy-drinking.

You’ll find an array of feel-good Malibu products when you shop online with The Bottle Club today. Classic Malibu and coke is a great go-to for the sweet-toothed among us, and why not try something new, like Malibu Passion Fruit or Malibu Watermelon? Go on, push the boat out.

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