Cocktail Umbrellas

Nothing says fun like rum and nothing says rum like a tiki cocktail. And it stands to reason that a tiki cocktail just isn’t a tiki cocktail without at least one Cocktail Umbrella. Why is it that we all love them so much? It’s hard to say, so rather than trying to guess at the reason for the longevity of these wonderfully kitsch little paper constructions, let's hear from one of the originators;

“If you can’t make it to paradise, I’ll bring paradise to you” - these are the words of Earnest Raymond Beaumont Gantt, the owner of Don the Beachcomber, Hollywood, one of the first known tiki bars. Don’s opened in 1934 and has been open ever since. Widely credited with inventing the tiki style, Gantt says the inspiration comes from his early life; first as a youngster obsessed with travelling the world, then later as a bootlegger during prohibition. The Cocktail Umbrella itself and it’s playful, exotic charm are yours to buy when you shop online with The Bottle Club.

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