Cocktail Jugs

They say the devil is in the detail, and we say having the right serveware ready for your drinks is one detail that is devilishly useful. A good Cocktail Jug is just the ticket for mixing and serving batches of your favourite cocktail for a dinner party, drinks night or barbeque. Simple as they are, you shouldn’t underestimate the convenience they bring. For instance, constructing a whole load of cocktails for your guests one by one can really sap the fun out of proceedings for you, the hard working, gracious host. Grab a Cocktail Jug from our online shop today, pre-mix a whole batch, and buy yourself more time to enjoy your event.

They also say that first impressions are everything, so why not give some serious thought to browsing our online shop for an elegant Water Jug? Premium brand Vonchef provide a range of finishes to compliment your decor and elevate the humble yet essential ritual of keeping your guests, your family, and yourself, hydrated.

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