Cheshire Grins Gin

Cheshire Grins Gin is a small-batch gin company out of, you guessed it, Cheshire, in the north west of England. Drawing inspiration from the enduringly absurd feline from Lewis Carroll’s classic fantasy - Alice in Wonderland - Cheshire Grins Gins take the Cheshire Cat’s wisdom that “Imagination is the only weapon in the war with reality”, and run with it. These creative concoctions use the best of Cheshire’s natural resources, like Cheshire Blueberries and water from nearby Peckford Spring. Combining these local ingredients with skillfully selected botanicals, Cheshire Grins bring you unique, premium gins to add a sprinkle of intrigue to any occasion.

Zesty, unique, and complex, these craft gins merit a place in every serious collector’s gin cellar. The bottle design brings a classy slice of vintage glamour to the party too. The Cheshire Grin range even includes a super trendy Pink Prosecco Gin, which is one of our favourite products of this year. Buy yours today from our online shop.

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