Cheshire Grins Pink Prosecco Gin, 70cl

Cheshire Grins Pink Prosecco Gin, 70cl

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An enjoyably juicy pink gin from the Cheshire Grins folks! Their Pink Prosecco Gin boasts a light, fragrant flavour profile, with a tangy twist of strawberry along the way bringing some sweetness to the party. Almost seems rude not to splash a drop or two of this in a glass of Prosecco.

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    Distilled only 12 times a year when the full moon is in place. Made with samphire and muscat grape. This gin contains 19 botanical more like salvia, verbena, chamomile denim, lemon balm, rock tea, thyme, cat tail, agronomy or orange or lemon rinds and others. Whilst the jury might be out on how much of an effect the Full Moon may have (sorry to be cynical) but there is little doubting the quality of the Gin. If you didn't know, the Spanish do take their Gin VERY seriously.

    Tasting Notes

    Soft peach, bright flashes of strawberry and a hint of vanilla.

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