If there is one word you can associate with Bowmore, it is certainly heritage. Refining their whisky-making craft since 1779, Bowmore has the pioneering and oldest licensed distillery, still based in the small town of Islay in which the brand was named after. To say these distillers are particular would be an understatement, investing more time than others in every stage of the process. But they’re also the most involved, with their own malt barns. This means someone is hand-turning their barley. Pretty impressive if you ask us.
If you’re new to the brand, or Scotch whisky in general, we’d recommend giving their 12-Year-Old Islay Single Malt Whisky a try. Perfectly reflecting the essence of the Bowmore landscape with its thrashing waves and windy coasts, you’ll taste lemon and heather honey combined with peat smoke (a trademark of Bowmore’s). Otherwise, if you’re a pro of the whisky world, why not buy the Bowmore Vault Edition ‘Atlantic Sea Salt’ which prides itself on being the perfect balance of salt, citrus and smoke to deliver a true taste of Islay.

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